It’s A Dog’s Life – Lundie Craigs

A friend said to me the other day, “when I die I want to come back as your dog”. I like to think of Buttons as well-loved rather than spoilt, but there’s no denying he has a fun, active life. Since getting him a year ago, I myself have benefited from a healthier lifestyle, centred around long hikes and picnics. When I was on holiday last week, we had a walking agenda planned, weather dependant of course… One of our walks was up Lundie Craigs, a prominent summit in the Sidlaw Hills, on the east coast of Scotland. We started our walk at the base of a farm road. I wondered if we were on the right track, but sure enough, once we were beyond the farm and up the hill a bit we could see Ledcrieff Loch. The views over to Schiehallion were stunning, we were lucky it was a clear day. After an hour’s hike, passing two horses and numerous bunny rabbits we were just about there. The last bit of the ascent was, let’s just say, challenging. I arrived at the summit hyperventilating, Buttons sprang up there like a gazelle. As I sat at the top admiring the panoramicviews over the Strathmore Valley on one side and Dundee and Fife on the other, Buttons, still fresh as a daisy, took the opportunity to sprint as fast as he could round and round in circles! This picture shows him in full flight doing his best rabbit impression. Pitlochry was to be our next adventure, we could hardly wait.