It’s A Dog’s Life – Allean Forest

So it was on to Pitlochry, and the Queen’s View was our first photo stop. Firstly, let me explain something about Buttons. The most coined expressions from fellow dog-walkers is “he’s awful big for a Bichon, isn’t he?” I got Buttons when he was 5-months-old, from a family who had wildly underestimated the time involved in owning a dog. “He’s a miniature Bichon Frise”, the lady told me. Miniature eh? As the months passed, Buttons got bigger and bigger, to the point at which I wondered if he was a large poodle. As he’s just over a year old, I’m presuming he’s fully grown and as you can see from the picture, he’s certainly not miniature! “He’s a perfectly normal Bichon”, I tell people “just big boned”. Queen’s View was quite something. It overlooks Loch Tummel and is said to have been named after Queen Victoria, following her visit to the area in 1866. It’s apparently one of the most photographed areas in Scotland. I could see why. This however, wasn’t why we were here, we were travelling up the road a bit to the Allean Forest to do one of their walking trails. Beside the car park, to my surprise/horror there was a sign directing us to the “compost toilet”. This translates as a hole in the ground as I found out quite an experience! We had a great time wandering round the forest, Buttons particularly liked sniffing and investigating the restored black house so we sat there to have our picnic. The delicious smell of pine trees that filled the air reminded me of a log cabin – divine! As we wandered back down to the car park, I felt so lucky to have had another fabulous day out with my best friend in the whole world.