A Mouse Ate My Car!

Pic: Shirley Blair

Ah, the joys of rural life…

I usually blog about writing for The People’s Friend, but regular readers will know that I’ve had occasion in the past to write about wildlife ie very wild life, ie that delinquent pheasant who terrorised us in the summer. Well, we’re under attack again!

Our house is surrounded by fields, and as soon as the crops are cut the fields’ rodent residents make a run for shelter and our house is first in line. We’re used to mice colonising our loft and our garage, but this year they’ve found a new des res: my car! My new car, what’s more. I’d only had it three weeks when, last Sunday, I decided that I really should take a look under the bonnet.And look what I found! Some little varmint had been chewing away at the foam insulation, and had even burrowed into the soft wadding behind the engine to make a nest.

I looked up the problem online and apparently they have a real taste for the rubber cabling, too. Now, I’m a softie about animals, but there is a limit the whole darned thing could go up in flames if the wires short-circuit while I’m driving. So, I’m afraid there’s nothing else for it: I’ll have to call in pest control. Tabitha! Oh, Tabitha! (She’s next door’s cat)