Super Seven

We open this week’s issue with a story by Kate Hardstaff. Ever been to a school reunion? Ever looked back to your first love and wondered, what if? Then this story will strike a chord. It’s titled, of course, “First Love”, and it’s the first of November 1’s super seven!

A dog plays cupid in “Breaking The Ice” by Bobbie Seymour, a new writer we’re bringing you this week. It’s a good-fun story, as is Annie Harris’s “Telly Addicts”, with young Lisa and Becky following in the footsteps of their mums when it comes to TV-hero crushes!

We have a change of mood for “November’s Song”, a beautiful, sensitive story by Jean Cullop about life after cancer. So positive and uplifting. I hope you enjoy it.

It’s Mischief Night – which falls between Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night – in Pat Posner’s latest Broome Park prefab village story, “Just A Bit Of Mischief”, with old traditions still going strong. And another autumn tradition is scrumping, which is central to Natalie Kleinman’s story “Something To Share”.

We all need hope, the theme of Susan Sarapuk’s sensitive story “A Thousand Trees”, a tale of precious memories balanced with looking forward and moving on. It’s our final short story this week.

“What will we wear?” is the cry for the choir as they face their first carol concert in “On Wings Of Song”. And our serials continue, of course. We’re on part 4 of Neilla Martin’s Scottish saga. Are you enjoying it? Daniel’s at the centre of strike rumours this week, which can mean nothing but trouble. And in part 5 of “Times Change For Sister Joan” the cat’s out of the bag for Ben; what kind of trouble will that bring on them all?

And finally, I never mention the Children’s Corner, but this week I have to draw your attention to the gorgeous illustration by Helen Welsh for Emma Canning’s smashing gnome poem. So cute!