Special 97 – Full Of Fab Fiction

Our latest Fiction Special has another smashing colourful cover picture by our own Jim Dewar. That’s it above, and I think it sets the standard for the illustrations throughout this issue which are all excellent and capture the mood of their stories perfectly.

It’s a Fiction Special so there are 16 short stories from writers old sorry, ladies, I mean familiar! like Lydia Jones, Alison Carter, Wendy Clarke, Rebecca Holmes, Kate Blackadder and Leonora Francis, and some newer names in Colette Bone, Susan Wright and Jane Jakeman. Em Barnard and AJ Redcliffe, Mary Kettlewell, Jennifer Bohnet and Angela Lanyon all feature, too, with a terrific mix of fun, sensitive, thoughtful and original stories.

Did I say sensitive? Nothing matches that description better than “Horses For Courses”, our opening story by Wendy Clarke, in which a young mum is dealing with a daughter with Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s so beautifully written.

But we balance it with fun in Lydia Jones’s young romance set in France where the race is on to be the first village caf to offer the new Beaujolais.

I hope we’ve managed to offer that kind of balance throughout. And of course, every story is exclusive and has been written specially for us to share with you.

With it being a Fiction Special, of course it’s one of our famous long reads that fills the 8-page mini-mag. This one’s by Mark Neilson and has the novel setting of a flying circus in the 1920s!

I could tell you more but, hey, I don’t want to spoil the surprises in store when you pick up your copy!