Cake Challenge!

We’ve been scheming behind the scenes thanks to a challenge issued by Facebook friend Moira Jennson. Do you remember? We’d been talking about cake again! and she said that we should ask how many of you would be prepared to sponsor us to abstain from cake for a month, with all proceeds going to our chosen charity.

Well, we thought that was a fabulous idea, and are setting it up for January. Our chosen charity is Contact The Elderly, a charity we have worked with before and that we feel very strongly about. The charity establishes local groups around the country, to provide tea and friendship in the comfortable environment of a volunteer’s home, to which local elderly people who may not have friends or family of their own, are invited for a fine afternoon of tea, cakes and chatter.

There is actually a group locally here called The People’s Friend group, whose establishment we’re very proud to have helped fund.

Contact the Elderly is in its 50th year, so it seems fitting to help them mark it by raising more funds for them.

But now we need your help to set some rules!

We know already that Jaffa Cakes are out, and it’s 24/7, not just office hours. Any more rules that you think we should stick to? For example, those of us who have important family birthdays to celebrate May we please have special permission to exclude these and only these from the ban? Please?!

Add your comments here and we’ll be able to keep note of them. It’s much easier to keep track of them here than when they’re posted on Facebook.

Thank you!