Christmas Is Coming!

December already? Luckily we’re well prepared with lots of sparkly Christmas stories for you in our festive issues. We enjoy just a taste of the season with three in this, the first December issue, December 6, but first comes a gorgeous period story by Patricia Clark, about smuggling and dancing and romance and.Well, you’ll just have to read “The Stuff Ball” to find out all what else!

Have you heard of speed dating? Kyra hasn’t until her friends, concerned about her single status, talk her into it. So begins one of the worst evenings of her life and one of the best “Take Your Pick” has Leonora Francis’s trademark sense of fun.

As women nowadays love their shoes and handbags, women back in the day felt the same way about hats, so to spend every day actually making them is Ada Feathers’ dream come true. She just hopes her clumsy new maid isn’t going to be a liability! “Fine Feathers” is by Alice Elliott.

Do you make your own Christmas cake or pudding? It becomes almost a ritual, doesn’t it which is beautifully observed in Rebecca Holmes’s thoughtful story “Mother Knows Best”. And it’s another family tradition that Kate Hardstaff writes about in “When The Time Is Right” as Cecily sorts through the Christmas tree decorations, each one someone’s favourite.

There’s a smashing wee story next, by Pru Heathcote. Not about the festive season but written around that old saying, the story’s title, “Girls Who Wear Glasses”. If you’ve ever worn specs, this’ll strike a chord!

Our last short story this week leaves you with a warm Christmas glow; it’s school Nativity play time in “Tea Towels And Tinsel” by Angela Dormer, with young Levi insisting he wants to play the mole Bet you can’t wait to read that one!

It’s time for the Kildartie Singers to make their much-awaited debut in Joyce Begg’s “On Wings Of Song”, our weekly series. And no issue would be complete without our two serial instalments. It’s part 2 of Beth Watson’s “Christmas At The Cosy Caf”, with Yvonne falling for Dave’s charms again. And already we’re at the penultimate part of Neilla Martin’s “The Life We Choose”. Daniel’s home again, but ominous sounds from the pit warn of imminent disaster

As ever, our stories wouldn’t look the same without our wonderful illustrators bringing the characters and scenes to life. Special mention this week for Sailesh Thakrar, our own Jim Dewar, Mandy Dixon, Martin Baines, Gerard Fay, Andrew Lloyd-Jones and Pat Gregory. Thank you!