Words, Words, Words

This week saw quite a discussion in the office about words yes we deal with them every working day and still find them fascinating. Someone mentioned a TV presenter mispronouncing a word and away we were

Favourite mispronunciations, misuses, changes in meanings, everyone had a view. In the “Friend” the final say on any disagreement on word usage or spelling is easily fixed by a look at Chambers Dictionary. What it says, goes .

This of course started another discussion, do households still have and use dictionaries? Have we all gone online instead? How many people trust Spellchecker to do its job?

Not surprisingly most of us here still have and use a good old-fashioned dictionary but I must admit when it comes to slang and colloquialisms they do not always come up to scratch.

In the cloakroom at work the other day two women were overheard discussing the warm weather.

“It’s so close,” one commented, ”really sticky.”

“Yes, can’t wait to get home, eh’m fair mingin’,” was the reply.

A response well understood in our part of the country but possibly not so much elsewhere.

Do you have favourite colloquial words or sayings? Do you use them every day? Why not share the best of them with us we’re always looking to learn new words and meanings.