Dundee – Seat Of Learning

Dundee will shortly be honouring some of its students with the winter graduation ceremonies. It seems only yesterday that only a couple of months ago wewere playing host to a number of visitors as the latest intake of students joined our small university town. Dundee has two the University of Dundee and Abertay University, so there’s always a buzz about the place at that time of year. Apart from the procession of young folk trundling cases behind them, there was the phenomenon of a pattern emerging in the shops. Of large baskets of meals for one and staples on Marks and Spencer. Of crockery, cutlery and utensils in Home Bargains. And very often the owners of the trolleys came in a threesome an older couple, and a young person who looks embarrassed and out of place as his parents paid for the contents of said trolley!It’s a pattern that was no doubt repeated across the country, in every university town. I can remember dragging my own son off to the Asda in Brighton for necessities, after inspecting the broom cupboard he’d been allocated as a bedroom! Strange to think he is now a dad whose own little boy will start school next year and begin the process of education.Whenever I saw those worried young faces go past me, I always tried to smile, to reassure them that Dundee was a good choice. Mind you, it may mean that at Freshers’ Week they were warning each other about a strange woman who walked the streets grinning at folk!