Pet Picks

We love animals at the “Friend” and most of the team have a pet or two at home. So it was good news for me when our new look meant that our pets page was increased from a half to a full page. We still have the great advice on pet problems from the wonderful PDSA, and now we have space to include more pet news and cute pictures, of course!

We’ve been planning the pages for 2016 recently, and there are some really interesting topics coming up. One item that caught my attention was a report which revealed the incredible health benefits a pet has on a child and its family.

The report found that nearly half (46%) of parents believe their child is healthier and fitter due to their pet, while one in ten parents attribute a boost in their child’s school work to owning a pet. Pets can even help children do better in their homework tasks just by being present in the room.

Most of us know that stroking and caring for a pet makes us calmer, so it makes sense that children benefit in the same way. There’s lots more about these interesting findings in the Pets At Home 2015 Pet Report.

Before we arrive at 2016, though, there’s one more 2015 pets page to look forward to. Our December 5 issue includes advice on pets and Christmas celebrations and we find out what happens on Christmas Day in some of our best-known animal charities.

We hope you’ll enjoy it. Let us know what you think!