No Accounting For Taste!

Can you believe it’s December already? It seems to arrive more quickly every single year, especially since I’ve hit my thirties.As a child, the time I had to wait between one Christmas and the next seemed endless to me. From about September I would start ticking off the days on my calendar, counting down to Christmas.December has another special date for me, though, as my birthday is on the 20th, so I always have something extra to look forward to during all the festivities usually a romantic meal with my partner or a family get-together.For those of you who also celebrate your birthdays in December, you might have had similar experiences when trying to enjoy a birthday meal. Every year, when I sit down at a table in a nice restaurant with my other half, I pick up the menu and my heart sinks.The Christmas menu. Although filled with a delicious choice of starters, mains and desserts, it is most definitely a Christmas menu. Home-made soup, turkey with all the trimmings, finished off with Christmas pudding is all very well and good, but for my birthday meal I’d rather enjoy a big plate of fish and chips with a side order of onion rings, or sausages and mash served in a gigantic Yorkshire pudding!Of course, I shouldn’t complain. I am being treated to a delicious meal in a warm and cosy restaurant by the man I love, and I appreciate every single mouthful, I really do but stick some cheesy garlic bread on a side plate for me and I would appreciate it even more!All being said, there’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting down to a traditional turkey dinner on Christmas Day with my family. With Christmas music playing in the background, a glass of wine in my hand and a big bowl of trifle in the fridge waiting for its final layer of cream, there is nothing better!If you happen to be the chosen one to prepare the food for Christmas Day this year, next week’s issue of “The People’s Friend”, on sale December 16, has some delicious recipes for you to titillate the taste buds of your guests this festive season and I for one am going to put them to good use!