Are You A Page Turner?

Christmas is almost upon us and I hope that Santa has received my letter because, as usual, books feature prominently on my list! Maybe I’m feeling all traditional because of the time of year, but you really can’t beat turning a proper page of a book. I noticed you can also buy candles that give off the smell of old books! How fab is that?

Electronic readers are great things, but at Christmas isn’t it nice to receive some books wrapped up? I walked past our bookcase that we have in the hall at home the other day and stopped to take a look. That’s where the books are kept that my husband and I can’t bear to pass on or put in the charity shop. They’re the “classics” or the ones we had to read at school that still have notes etc on them. I also like to keep any signed books as I’m not sure how you go to an author signing and get them to write a message on an electronic version of their book!

There are so many precious memories tied up with your “for ever” tomes and a number of mine are poetry books. Flicking through some well-loved poems on a e-reader just isn’t the same as holding a book and it falling open at a certain page, or when you read again a special message that someone’s written for you.

So even though I embrace technology there are certain times when the old way is definitely the best. What do you think?