A Close Shave!

Maine Coon cat

I’ve been having a little trouble with one of my cats recently, which resulted in a little trip to the vet.

It was nothing serious, thankfully, but Nala certainly likes to kick up a fuss!

I first brought Nala home when she was 14 weeks old, and she was the cutest little fluffball I’d ever seen! She’s a Maine Coon, which is a long-haired breed, and I knew that brushing would be a necessity to keep her coat sleek and in good condition.

With all good intentions, off I went to the pet shop and bought a brush for her, planning on giving her a grooming session every evening.

Nala had different ideas, though! She did not trust this brush one little bit! Every evening would end up with me covered in scratches! Nala did not want to be brushed and, like most cats, she wouldn’t listen to reason, no matter how much I tried to explain why she needed it!

I’ve had Nala for four years now, and during that time, despite her aversion to brushing, we have managed to keep her fur looking beautiful. If a knot appeared, we would quickly remove it before it got worse, and so on.

Last month, however, it was a different story. Overnight (or so it seemed) a number of knots appeared in her fur, and when we tried to remove them she was getting very anxious and stressed, leading to much hissing and scratching.

Rather than try to corner her and make her feel stressed in her own home, the decision was made to take her to the vet for a sedative, then the nurse would comb out the knots.What a shock I got when I went to pick her up afterwards!

Her fur was clipped really short and she didn’t look like Nala any more! Apparently the nurse had managed to comb one side of Nala with no problem, but when she moved to the other side, it was clear that the knots were too bad.

Hence the new hairdo! My poor girl has taken a while to get used to her new look, but now it’s growing on her no pun intended! and she’s back to her normal self, albeit with shorter fur!

Needless to say she has been getting spoiled rotten (by her dad), and getting extra cuddles from me ever since! Brushing recommences this week. Watch this space . . .