Cool Cats About Town!

Lucky, the three-legged cat who featured in Malcolm Welshman’s recent series “Tales From Prospect House”, reminded me of another friendly feline resident I often see in my hometown.

St Andrews is already well known for its famous ginger cat, a charismatic tom known far beyond the burgh boundaries after the publication of the book “Hamish McHamish Of St Andrews: Cool Cat About Town” by Susan McMullan.

He even had a Facebook and Twitter account set up by fans and was a regular visitor to my hairdressers and other local businesses.

A bronze statue of Hamish by David Annand, unveiled in 2014, takes pride of place in the town centre.

Now, today I’d like to introduce you to a rather less publicised St Andrews moggy.

He’s not (yet) as famous as Hamish but just as much appreciated by residents and visitors alike. Here’s an observation I spotted from a student blog:

Lucky the St Andrews cat

“There’s a new cat in my life the travellator cat! He only has three legs, but he’s surprisingly speedy. I don’t think he has an official name.” / mystandrewslife

I glanced at the accompanying photo and there was no doubt it was the town cat we affectionately call Lucky, “our” three-legged cat!

He’s often to be seen in and around the centre of town and is, as the image above proves, more than happy for an amateur photographer like me to get up close and purr-sonal.

Lucky often pops into my mother’s garden to observe my horticultural efforts while grooming his fur. No-one seems to be sure who his owner is, but he’s well cared for and laps up all the extra attention.

Last summer he was even seen to join in the conviviality at a neighbour’s barbecue to say hello to their American guests he loves company and being fussed over! And a titbit or two doesn’t go amiss, either . . .

On the subject of cats, there have been several sightings in recent years of “big cats” in and around St Andrews.

The creature is said to resemble a black leopard and there may be more than one. Well, to date I’ve not caught sight of such a creature and I’m not sure I’d want to!

Super cats to the rescue in Brussels

I’d like to finish this blog by mentioning a light-hearted cat story from the recent Brussels lockdown in late 2015.

The city authorities asked that no Twitter messages were to be posted which might expose the whereabouts of the city’s ongoing security operations.

Twitter respondents instead posted what will now be known as an internationally recognised symbol of solidarity a large selection of humorous cat photos.

My personal favourite was the Chatomium the Atomium’s nine steel spheres adorned with feline faces. #Supercats to the rescue with just a little help from photo editing software!