A Perfect Present

happy birthday cakes

This month the “Friend” has been celebrating the Queen’s ninetieth birthday through the pages of the magazine, through stories and features dedicated to our longest reigning monarch.

In my family, April has always been a big month for birthdays and, this year, four very special birthdays in particular.

April 10 would have been my maternal gran’s eightieth this year, and April 15 would have been my paternal gran’s one hundredth birthday! Next came my mum’s sixtieth on April 20, quickly followed by my older cousin’s fortieth on April 25.

Time passes by so quickly, doesn’t it? It feels like only a couple of years ago that we were celebrating Mum turning forty. I just can’t believe that was two decades ago!

Thinking of a special present to give my mum for her birthday this year posed a challenge for me and my sister, as she is notoriously difficult to buy for. We needed to find something that we knew she would appreciate, while not being so extravagant she would complain that we had spent too much money!

After doing some research it occurred to me that there was a gap in our family photo collection – there wasn’t a single photo with all of us together!

It seemed the perfect present, then, to arrange for a photography shoot for the family, to give us a permanent happy memory we can cherish for years to come.

Perhaps my mum isn’t so hard to buy for after all!


Jacki graduated from Dundee University in 2006 with a degree in English Literature. She has worked on “The People’s Friend” for 12 years, on first the Fiction Team and now the Production Team. She lives with her partner and her pet cats, Dusty and Milo. She is a supporter of her local football team and a volunteer befriender.