A View Of The Kingdom

With the highest hill in Fife – the West Lomond – being only 1,713 feet high, you don’t need to expend too much energy to find a good viewpoint in the old Kingdom.

Saline Hill rises to only 1,178 feet – a mere pimple compared to the mountains of the Highlands but, as I discovered this morning, there’s a nice surprise in store for anyone reaching the top. It’s probably the finest viewpoint in the whole county.

From the Wallace Monument at Stirling, along virtually the full range of the Ochils, Knockhill and the West Lomond round to the Firth of Forth and the Pentlands beyond; only by sprouting wings might you improve on the prospect.

Mind you, it is a steep climb, which probably explains why you’re unlikely to meet too many others, if any, but by combining the hill within a circular walk to Steelend and returning through the wooded ravine of Saline Glen, this is definitely one to save for a clear day.


Alex Corlett

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