All Together Now

Gill Hornby’s debut book was the best-selling “The Hive”, a beautifully observed look at a group of mothers. Now she brings her talent for writing about people and group politics to the small town of Bridgeford, a place which seems to be suffering from a severe lack of civic pride. With businesses closing and the resident commuters rushing about, far too busy to talk to each other, it’s up to the Community Choir to bring everyone together through music. In addition to the stalwarts that have long been with the group, a few colourful additions are required to help them reach their potential. Packed with lovable characters, English manners and bittersweet comic moments, “All Together Now” is a charming look at the trials and tribulations of small communities and what keeps them together.


Author: Gill Hornby.

Publisher: Little Brown.

ISBN: 978-0-349-13931-9.

RRP: £7.99.

Alex Corlett

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