Moving Forward

There is a distinct atmosphere of apprehension and suspicion in the “Friend” office today. This is not normal, I hasten to add – it’s due to the fact that this week, we have all been given new computers!

Puzzled faces are all around. “How do I . . .?” “Where is the . . .?” “What does it mean if . . .” echoes round the office. The phone lines to our IT department are so hot they are practically melting.

In other words, we have been well and truly booted out of our comfort zone, and we are none too chuffed about it.

But it’s amazing, isn’t it, how quickly you can become accustomed to new things. When I started work with the company, over 30 years ago, no-one had a computer except the typesetters on the seventh floor! It wasn’t quite hot metal, but our designers worked by hand and we read pages of type physically stuck down on boards – the same boards which were sent up to the printers in a van! Now everything is done on screen and sent to print at the click of a button.

When I tell some of the newer members of staff about those days they look at me like I came off the Ark!

But I comfort myself today with the knowledge that if I made the transition from those days, I should be able to cope with moving from one computer to another. And maybe if I say it often enough, I’ll believe it!


Judey Struth