Our Tips For A Colourful Autumn

Autumn is well under way now, and it’s possibly our favourite season. It’s a time to really enjoy the transition from summer, when all is in flower and blooming, through to the colder winter months.

Autumn is a superb time to get out and enjoy the colours as they change in the garden, or go for a long walk in the countryside or at a local park where you can appreciate all this wonderful season has to offer.

 There are many places throughout the UK where we can appreciate the sights of red, golden yellow, copper, and orange foliage as the leaves on trees alter and begin to fade. The gardens, national parks and forests are perfect for exploring at this time of the year so, for great ideas for days out, perfect for families, groups or individuals to enjoy, look to The National Trust, who offer some of the most amazing gardens and natural areas of tranquillity. You’ll find lots of information on their website at www.nationaltrust.org.uk

Autumn Colour In The Garden

Adding colour to enjoy in autumn is not something solely for the National Park or community gardens – with some planning in advance it can be easy to add plants of interest to your own plot.  To give your garden an autumn boost, why not plant some of the following?

Rudbeckia Goldsturm

Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm

 An RHS Award of Garden Merit winner, this is one of the most popular Rudbeckia in Britain, known for their golden yellow flowers and large black centres which easily attract bees to the garden.

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Japanese Maples (Acers)

Small Japanese Maple in Pot during Autumn Season

These will look stunning from spring to early autumn.

Amelanchier Canadenis


This is one of the most striking plants for autumn colour with vivid flamed leaves.

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Jobs in the Garden in late September/October 


  1. Plant loose-rooted fruit trees in preparation for next year, allowing them to fully establish themselves over the winter. To see more about our fruit trees, click here!
  2. Plant loose rooted perennial plants and shrubs.
  3. Keep the garden tidy, especially with the increasing amount of fallen leaves at this time of year. Collect these up and use them in your own home-made, organic compost. There are many useful, easy to follow instructions online for creating your own compost heap and taking care of this as the year goes on.
  4. This is your last chance to plant any spring flowering bulbs, such as Tulips, Daffodils, Muscari, Iris, Alliums, and many, many more!
  5. Planting lilies now will give them the best chance to flourish next year, and will help the roots fully develop and establish themselves. Lilies look amazing in summer, their fragrance alone is wonderful, so get ahead of the game and give them the best chance possible!



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