The People’s Friend Presents… A Chat With Our Fiction Editor

The People's Friend Presents A Chat With Our Fiction Editor

This week’s edition of The People’s Friend Presents is a little different from our usual short story readings. Instead, we speak to the Fiction Editor on the People’s Friend and People’s Friend Specials, Shirley Blair, who stepped into the studio with our colleague, Sam Miller, to reveal some of the facts behind the fiction on the famous story magazine.

 The best part about the job is reading lots of great stories.

Shirley discusses her career in magazines, what a fiction editor’s job involves, some of her own favourite reading, as well as offering some handy advice and tips for any prospective People’s Friend writers listening in.

When people ask me to describe my job, I say, ‘I just sit and read stories all day,’ and they picture me in a chintz armchair, with the standard lamp behind me, sofa to my side, the teas-maid with coffee on tap all the time, but it’s not quite like that.

We’ll have a new story reading for you next week, but we hope you’ll enjoy this little glimpse behind the scenes on The People’s Friend. And you can read more about Shirley and the rest of the team here.

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Dan McGachey