Put Pen To Paper

Looking from back of woman taking note without wearing glasses

It was World Book Day earlier this month and anything that helps engage people in the delights of reading should be applauded.

My love of reading began at a very young age and has never left me. To this day, the only quality “me” time is when I take myself off to the sanctuary of my bedroom, forget about the worries of the day, and lose myself in a good book or magazine, such as the “Friend”. Bliss!

But have you ever thought about putting pen to paper and writing to our Between Friends section of the magazine? It’s a wonderful opportunity to share views and tales with other readers and, if you have pictures to enhance your letter, then so much the better.

One lady, who has recently retired from teaching, was delighted when her letter was published and says that it has inspired her to try her hand at story writing. Now that she finally has time on her hands, she says she simply cannot stop the flow of storylines running around in her head.

She’s not alone and, with that in mind, “The People’s Friend” also has wonderful story writing workshops, ideal if you’re itching to put pen to paper. After all, what could be better than losing yourself in a good story? Writing one yourself, of course!