The People’s Friend Presents… Going For Gold

The People's Friend Presents... Going For Gold by Patricia Clark

Fifties Scotland provides the backdrop for Patricia Clark’s feel-good story, as The People’s Friend Presents… Going For Gold.

Gordon was determined to join the cross-country team –
but now he had two prizes in his sights!

This breezy tale of racing feet and racing hearts was read by Daniel McGachey. “I’m usually safely hidden away behind a keyboard in the Digital Department at work, where producing these podcasts is just one of my jobs, or in the recording studio’s control booth when others are reading the stories. So stepping up to the microphone is a bit of a change, and actually quite nerve-wracking. I already had a lot of respect for our fantastic readers, who make it all seem so effortless. After trying it myself, my respect for them has shot through the roof.”

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Dan McGachey