Smile Every Day And Spread A Bit Of Happiness

woman smile

Do you remember when you were much younger, people would say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? I always had my doubts about that. But one thing I have always believed is that a smile a day can do a great deal of good.

It may not make us immune to germs and infections, but it certainly cheers both the giver and receiver.

You may be unfortunate and smile at someone who doesn’t smile back. This can be very disconcerting! You are left wondering if that person has perhaps gone on their way thinking you are a little strange! And perhaps they have. Or perhaps they are simply shy, or unused to such a warm gesture from a friendly stranger.

Who knows, they might even try smiling at the next person they pass in the street!

So don’t be downhearted. Yours, after all, might be the only smile that they receive that day. Step out cheerfully and be generous with your smiles. I can promise you that you will certainly feel better – and so will everyone lucky enough to meet you that day!

Hannah McLaren