Way-markers of Life

Wooden way-markers with 4 arrows and words on them, blue sky in background.

Sally and Freddie arrived home after a walking holiday not so long ago. They had spent their break trekking along a long-distance footpath.

“We had some lovely weather,” Sally said, “but the thing I appreciated most of all was the large number of signs and way-marks along the route. Some were very obvious, and some were quite small, but it was always reassuring to know that we were on the right track.” She paused thoughtfully and then gave a sudden smile. “A bit like life, I suppose.”

So often, when we are lost or unsure of what to do, we happen across someone who, maybe quite unwittingly, can confirm we’re doing well, or perhaps point out other directions we hadn’t considered. Watch out for the way-markers of life. You will recognise them when you come across them. And you might even be one yourself!

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Hannah McLaren