Story Starter: The Royal Scotsman

All aboard the Royal Scotsman. Photo: Shirley Blair

This fabulous train was sitting at another platform when I got home to Dundee after either the Southampton or Newcastle workshop earlier this year. Isn’t it splendid? The paintwork looks kind of brown in the pic, but it was actually a glossy dark ruby. Gold lettering. Shiny clean windows. Sumptuous upholstery inside. All very fine. But my favourite bit is that platform at the back. (I know it has a name but darned if I can remember it.)  For some reason it makes me think of the Wild West. And cinders. No doubt it will make you think of something entirely different.

I wonder where it was bound? I didn’t have time to check that out. It had been a long day, and my husband was waiting outside the station to whisk me home for a much-needed cuppa so I shouldn’t really have even stopped to take the pic. Ooops, I hadn’t confessed that to him. Hope he doesn’t read this. Sorry, dear!

I’m still, as always, using more 2000-word and 3000-word stories than anything else, and I have to warn anyone who’s sent in 1200 words recently that so has everyone else. I can only reiterate that I use only one per week, 52 per year, and yet we probably receive almost 52 of them every week! So, an awful lot of you are going to have  a very long wait to hear any kind of news, and when it comes it’s likely to be disappointing. Just like a train, sometimes…. Anyway, sorry, but those of you who know me know I tend to call a spade a spade.

But back to our lovely train. I can hear it singing along the tracks. Steam engine? Beautifully costumed passengers on board? That’s the literal interpretation. I wonder what else you’ll come up with? I can hardly wait to see.

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