Board Games Will Always Be The Perfect Ice Breakers

Miscellaneous board game pieces on a chess board

I’m old enough to have enjoyed board-games as a child, but young enough to notice they’re on a bit of a decline. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to break the ice at an awkward party. I have a good selection in my cupboard for this very reason.

Start a discussion by starting a competition!

When you have multiple small circles of friends that rarely come together… and then suddenly they’re all at the one house party, a board game is the ultimate social weapon. Cut the tension with a roll of the dice!

Board games have this magical way of forcing people who wouldn’t normally socialise to actually be a become playful, and before you know laughter is filling the room. They provide a stable talking point, a bit of fun, and amazingly this great memory that becomes a conversation starter in the future.

Drop a board game in the center of a mixed room of people, and watch the circle form – it’s almost obligatory. But it just seems to be something we do less often today, now that we can just stick on a film or a TV series.

But strangely, in my house the other night, when we had a new addition to the family over, we began by putting on a film but then quickly reached for the board games. I do think this was because we were all familiar with that innate sense of fun that is found in a board game. A board game can instantly make anyone feel welcome.

And I do think they’re making a comeback in pubs and house parties… at least the ones I’ve been to. It’s quite funny though to think how we pick up in adulthood the things we abandoned in childhood.

I supposed a uniform sense of nostalgia is another thing that can bring a room of people together.