Change Your Attitude, Solve Your Problems

Changing attitude. A woman creating a bright, sunny day on a cloudy one. The woman & easel and the background are on separate labeled layers.

It was a wet day and I was hurrying home. But Harry was a friend, and, that day, a friend in need.

He was changing his car’s tyre by the roadside. I would have expected anyone to be a bit grumpy in that position, but I should have known Harry better than that.

As he flung the flat tyre in his boot he grinned at me like we were both out for a summer stroll. I commented on his cheerfulness and he agreed.

“To tell you the truth, I was doing a bit of grumbling,” he admitted, “but then I realised that my bad attitude was like the car tyre – I wasn’t going to get anywhere until I changed it!”

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Hannah McLaren