A fresh start for Ellie

Ellie had a poor start in life but, against the odds, she developed into a delightful kitten with a healthy appetite. Unfortunately, Ellie’s appetite led to a near brush with death when she ate a piece of one of her toys. Although the toy was retrieved, Ellie stopped eating and started vomiting. She was taken to the vets where an ultrasound showed nothing significant, and for a while she started eating again. However, she deteriorated and this time an endoscopy revealed an object in her duodenum (the first section of the small intestine). Attempts to retrieve the item failed so surgery was undertaken to remove the toy part. Fortunately Ellie is now thriving, in the care of Cats Protection’s Dewsbury, Wakefield & District Branch but for every cat like Ellie there are many more needing the charity’s support. Donations, or offers of a home, are vital because they help to guarantee a brighter future for cats like her.


Georgia Wood

Georgia works as part of the magazine marketing team. She loves that her job is very varied, every day is different working across all of DCT Media's magazines. She likes trying new things, from cooking to crafting, she's currently learning to knit!