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I’m sure you’re all familiar with our old-turned-new DC Thomson headquarters in Albert Square. If not, we’re that architectural gem sitting just across from the stunning McManus art gallery.

Once shrouded in scaffolding and secrecy, this 20th century building finally shed its reconstructive skin earlier this year, and became a bit of a city centerpiece.

I wasn’t here to witness the move of nearly 600 staff members from Kingsway back to the city centre. But I have been getting a sneak peek into the building’s best bits, so it felt a little selfish to keep that to myself.

Just the other day, I took a little wander – by elevator – up to the 10th floor of the tower building, where the triple-glazed cheery on top sits. The Vista Room!

Vista function room

Vista function room

It was a fairly sunny day when I visited, so the views were tremendous. The windows were so wide and so many, that I felt a bit like a pilot of some alien spacecraft – particularly interested in studying the habits of Dundonians. It was funny watching everyone below, going about their day to day business, not knowing I was watching them… with a sudden interest in their mundane trip to the corner shop.

Views over Dundee city centre, towards Tay Rail Bridge. Vista room.

Dundee city centre, towards Tay Rail Bridge.

You can see almost every inch of the city centre from the Vista Room. Looking down on familiar streets, you suddenly don’t recognise half the little alleyways among many twists and turns in the sandstone landscape. This is vantage point is truly seagull territory.

Dundee city centre, towards Tay Road Bridge. Vista room

Dundee city centre towards Tay Road Bridge

All of sudden you’re looking at Dundee as an architectural timeline; the variety of buildings and rooftops and bridges and more are impressions of decades gone by. You realise that you roam in the city a bit like an ant crawls the grass, unaware of the beautiful field each blade forms of the bigger picture.

I don’t know if the Vista Room will ever be hired out to the public as a function room. But if you ever get the chance to visit DC Thomson on Meadowside, take in the view and a helping heap of perspective with a eye-opening visit to our spectacular Vista Room.


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Hannah McLaren