Changing Seasons In A Broken Climate

Bumblebee on the red flower. Climate change

It was a warm, sunny day when I strolled by a dying bumble bee on my way home from the office.

Staring at this shivering, bumbling, summer insect – as the sun beat down my neck – was a confusing experience.

Further up the road, I came across a dried up, brown leave that crunched as I stepped on it.

Up ahead, a dark grey cloud began to roll in.

And, in my face the warm breeze ran cold.

It rained heavily that night, and I went from wearing a light blouse during the day to woolly pjs in bed.

It’s rather alarming how fast the weather changes these days, but the effects this has are far scarier. What’s more, the seasons just don’t seem to fit into their quarterly slots anymore, making this new puzzling climate really hard to keep up with.

I’m pretty sure summer is gone – if it ever arrived at all this year. I woke up the other morning and just had this feeling that it was already autumn.

I love autumn, I’m actually more of a warm-blooded, winter-loving creature, but it’s as if summer never even got a chance… and neither did that bumble bee.

I find myself complaining like everyone else about the poor summer weather, but when I saw that little bee, struggling for life, I was reminded of how damaging this seasonal shift is to the environment.

The way some trees spent the warm months with winter branches, and in the grassy parks danced only a few crippled daisies, was really disconcerting.

The science says that no one in my generation, and I’m 23-years-old, has ever seen above average temperatures in their life-time.

That’s very frightening and explains why I’ve grown up almost acclimatised to an erratic weather forecast. But that doesn’t make it alright.

I’ve been thinking about this for weeks now, and our gardening piece Create A Buzz And Save The Bees is a great accompanying read.

Hopefully, one day, we’ll find an agreeable way to restore our climate to its natural balance and our planet to full health.








Hannah McLaren