The August Garden Checklist – Part 2

Latin American woman working at a garden center and making an inventory of the plants. August Garden checklist

John with border august garden checklistAugust is an important time for every gardener – preparing plants for winter and harvesting ripened fruits before the dawn of autumn. So John Stoa has compiled a list of what needs done in every garden before September, with this August garden checklist.

This is the second part of John’s August Garden Checklist.


The Vegetable Garden

Sow more autumn salad leaves, mizuna, rocket, radish and some hardy winter lettuce such as Hilde or Arctic King which will be ready by next spring. Harvest broad beans, French beans, summer cabbage and cauliflower, baby beetroot and sweetcorn. Lift early potatoes such as Casablanca.

Birds eye view of a woman gardener weeding an organic vegetable garden with a hand fork, while kneeling on green grass and wearing red wellington boots. august checklist


In The Greenhouse

Pick tomatoes once they have fully ripened. There is nothing more flavoursome than a fresh fully ripened tomato picked off the bush. Water carefully to avoid soil or compost splashing on to the fruit as this is likely to cause blossom end rot.

Grape vines will be growing vigorously. Provided there is a fair canopy to support the developing grapes, remove all side shoots to ensure good fruit.

Greenhouse in back garden with open windows for ventilation. Autumn checklist

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Hannah McLaren