Do Not Fear Failure

One step at a time! no fear of failure. A stylized vector cartoon of a Woman crossing water on stepping stones, the style is reminiscent of an old screen print poster. Suggesting balance, security, solutions, overcoming obstacles,financial instability,danger, or skill. Woman, stones,water, paper texture and background are on different layers for easy editing. Please note: clipping paths have been used, an eps version is included without the path.

Walt Disney was sacked by his employers at the newspaper where he worked because they said he had no imagination.

The American actress Lucille Ball was dismissed from drama college for being too shy.

Thomas Edison’s teachers told him he was too stupid to learn anything.

These famous people might once have been viewed as hopeless in someone’s eyes, but the power of failure can often result in great success.

We can learn a great life lesson from this: if you have never failed, you have never lived. Do not fear failure.

No-one succeeds all the time – and who knows what successes await around the corner?

Thought for yesterday.

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Hannah McLaren