Special 147 is in shops now!

Our Autumn Special comes with our 15-month Diary, featuring shots of adorable kittens and puppies. In it’s own case with a handy pen attached, we know you get a lot of use out of them, and we hope you enjoy this one, too.

Gillian Thornton spends some time in White Cliffs country, discovering the history of this fascinating corner of England – our closest mainland contact with Europe. We visit Barcelona with Jan Fuscoe, the Siddington Harvest Festival with Neil McAllister and Willie Shand shares some of his favourite Scottish island walks – some beautiful spots, we can tell you.

Wendy Clarke, Pamela Kavanagh and Em Barnard are amongst the authors featured – and don’t miss our eight-page crime story from Mhairi Grant! Plenty of reading to cosy up to!