Christmas Is Coming . . .

How do you feel about the onslaught of Christmas in November? I have to be honest – I love it! Nothing makes me happier than having my cards written and most of my shopping done long before the Advent calendar goes up. It means I can really enjoy the run-up to the big day without fretting about jobs I still need to do.

Working in the “Friend”, it’s lucky I feel that way, because we are knee-deep in Christmas issues currently, and our Christmas Special (No. 149) has just gone on sale. I have to say I think it’s one of the best we’ve ever done – the stories are fabulous, and the murder mystery Long Read is a real page turner.

There are Christmas markets, fabulous festive recipes, living Advent calenders and the cutest little pony you have ever seen. Not only that, the CD this year is a selection of traditional favourites which captures the spirit of the season beautifully.

We still have a lot of work to do to make sure our fantastic bumper weekly “Friend” will hit the shelves on December 13 so I’d better get back to it! It’s packed with two weeks’ worth of reading so keep an eye out for it nearer the time – it’s not to be missed!

But in the meantime, Special 149 is in the shops and it’s full of ideas to make sure this Christmas will be the best yet.

After all – there are only five weeks to go!


Judey Struth