Angels in Disguise

Grace McSorley, aged fifteen, a rider and volunteer with the Omagh Group RDA in Northern Ireland, won the poetry category of RDA’s national writing competition with this lovely poem.



TWO angels sat watching from on high,

 One looked the other in the eye

And asked, “If you lived on earth for one day with me, What creature would you be?”


The second angel began to laugh,

Exclaiming, “Don’t be so terribly daft!

 Why, isn’t it obvious? Of course, I would spend that one day being a horse.”

Grace, competing on Rozzell Iceman of Mullentine (“Stevie” to his friends).

Grace, competing on Rozzell Iceman of Mullentine (“Stevie” to his friends).


 “For you see, horses are angels in disguise,

Watching the world through their beautiful eyes.

And when they see someone who has lost their way,

They help them along with a nuzzle and a neigh.”


“A horse’s love is daring, brave and strong,

Allowing you to form the deepest of bonds.

With their steely hearts they never stop giving,

Always reminding you that life is worth living.”


“But all this requires a special place,

Filled with the best people in the human race.

And that’s why if I was to live for just one day,

I would be a horse at Omagh RDA.”


Georgia Wood

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