Video: A Day To Stay Home

Some days are just not for going very far from home and this was one of them. It had been snowing heavily all morning and the roads weren’t looking too clever; particularly any minor side roads.

Of course, that’s not to say I’d be staying indoors. I fair enjoy a walk in the snow. It’s a great time to head out with the camera, too.

In Crook of Devon, I’m fortunate to have lots of good walks right on my doorstep. After a wander round the village, I’d a notion to head for the River Devon and Rumbling Bridge gorge.

With a bit of luck, no-one else will have been to leave tracks before me.

An old photographer once told me that photographs of nice sunny days are ten-a-penny and to capture something a bit more special you need to try and show the familiar in an unfamiliar way. One of those ways being to shoot in all sorts of weather.

He was right. Some of my best shots are those I’ve taken in the foulest conditions – must, rain, blizzards. So who know where I might end up and what I might find today. Watch my video to find out!

Willie Shand