Beautiful Begonias

As we head into February and the nights begin to get lighter, we’re reminded that spring is just around the corner.

Spring flowers are just beneath the soil, ready to emerge shortly and brighten our gardens.

However, how many of us have given thought to our summer garden yet? It’s never too early to prepare for the year ahead and it’s lovely to know that sunny days are coming. Part of the enjoyment comes from planting some of our favourite flowers in anticipation.

We couldn’t imagine our garden without one of the most popular summer superstars – Begonias. They are versatile, vibrant and there is a wide variety to suite the taste and level of gardening experience of each individual.

Non Stop Begonias

So many varieties of Begonias to choose from

In addition to the more traditional bedding plug plant varieties like Begonia Semperflorens Organdy and Mighty Flora, Cascading Begonias are ideal for trailing hanging baskets. Non-stop Begonias are popular for their giant, show-winning blooms and Superba Begonias  with their giant flowers also make excellent choices.

Growing Begonias from seeds can be tricky so we recommend planting from tubers and just three tubers in your pot or container will give a full and colourful display. February and March are the perfect months to get them potted up and then you can re-plant them into their final location in the garden once all risk of frost has disappeared.

Blooming all summer

For the gardener who loves to have their garden in bloom throughout the whole summer season, then Non-stop Begonias  are an excellent option. As their name suggests, they flower non-stop (from June to October) and produce marvellous displays with their tight and bright double blooms.

Let’s make your hanging basket unusual this year! Fill them with Giant Cascading Begonias which will produce an avalanche of colour throughout summer. Their vivid double flowers are at least 100% larger than those that the standard 3/4cm Cascading Begonia tubers produce. They will make a perfect subject for hanging baskets alongside flowers such as Surfinia and Million Bells.

Giant Cascading Begonias

After care advice

To get the most out of your tubers, dig them up after flowering has finished and they can easily be re-used for many years if stored properly during the winter. To look after your tubers store them in soil in a dry, cool place.

You cannot go wrong with any of these Begonia varieties. You can mix them as you like, and they will always give an explosion of colour to your pots or baskets and put a cheerful smile on your face.

Let’s get our summer gardens ready!

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