Spring Money Saving Tips

money saving tips

Spring is a great time to be looking at your energy bills and how you could save some pennies!

We love saving pennies here at The People’s Friend, and if we can learn a new trick or two, then we’re all for it. These money saving Spring-time tips are perfect for us, and we hope you find some use for them too.

Firstly, remember to amend your heating timer as you probably won’t need the heating on as frequently, especially when you’re not at home. Despite over a half of Brits thinking it’s cheaper to leave your heating on low all day, the Energy Saving Trust suggest that reducing the amount of time your heating is actually on is the best way of saving money, as doing this ensures that no heat is wasted.

Also, during the winter you were probably used to set your temperature at a high level. With the introduction of the warmer weather you will find your home doesn’t require the heating to be on as high. Meaning you can turn the thermostat down. 19 degrees should be high enough for you to still feel comfortably warm within your home.

Give your heating system a spring clean

It’s that time of year when we like to spruce up our home and garden with a good old spring clean. It’s important you don’t forget about the heating system as this also needs regular maintenance. For example, bleed the radiators if they are lukewarm towards the top. This will ensure you’re getting the most out of your heating when it’s turned on. Watch our step-by-step video here if you’re unsure of how to do this.

Make the most of other heat sources

Making the most of other heat sources that are available around your home is a savvy way of reducing your bills. A great example is leaving the bathroom door open to make the most of the hot air after a steaming shower. You’ll soon feel the extra heat circulate around your home without having to turn the heating on.

Dry your clothes outside

The spring brings with it warmer weather and longer evenings, meaning you can make the most of the sunlight by drying your clothes outside. Tumble dryers are a costly appliance and can run up your energy bills very easily. As well as saving you money, it also means you reduce the risk of shrinking your favourite shirt!

Dress for spring not for summer

Although the days are staying lighter for longer and the weather is getting warmer, evenings can still be fairly cool. So shorts and t-shirts might not be suitable just yet! Make sure you’re wearing suitable clothes around the home to help resist the urge of turning the heating on.

Make use of the sunlight

The lighter mornings and longer evenings mean you can reduce the use of your lighting around your home, providing you with a very simple way of reducing your energy bills. Also keeping your curtains and blinds open for longer in the evenings will provide natural lighting as well as some extra warmth if the sun is still shining.


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