“Friend” Adverts From The 1970s


While on a trip to our Archives, some old adverts from 1970s issues of the “Friend” sent the Fiction Team down memory lane!

St Ivel Five Pints

Do you remember St Ivel Five Pints? It was a powdered milk, “for use in cooking, tea, coffee and bedtime drinks”. You just added a measure to ½ pint of warm water, and topped up with cold.

“You need never run out of milk again”! Also around at that time was Marvel powdered milk – “Marvellous, less fat too!” was their ad back in the day.

Week End chocolates

Remember the lemon slices that were actually jellies? And “Montelimar”? We definitely wish they still made these!


In the 70s, the “Friend” carried adverts that may be surprising today – alcohol ads, including Babycham and Guinness, and also lots of cigarette ads . . . a sign of the times.


Remember the song for this one? “Give ‘em a lift . . . with Cookeen!”

Pears Soap


In conjunction with the famous soap brand, “Miss Pears” was a modelling competition for little girls aged 12 and under.



Ding-dong, Avon calling! And good old H. Samuel – remember when everyone had those clocks?


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