Interactive Cover Maps – 2018

Interactive Cover Map

A True Record Breaker!


Our current decade has seen Prince William and Kate Middleton marry, Andy Murray win Wimbledon twice, and your beloved magazine reach its 150th Birthday! A true record-breaker!

As the 21st century reached its teenage years, there was an explosion in the use of social media. As ever, the “Friend” proved it could keep up with changing times by moving into the digital world on Facebook, Twitter and more.

These channels have given our readers the opportunity to connect with the magazine in new and immediate ways. Staff members feature in photographs and videos posted online, and blogs reveal more of their personalities, likes and dislikes.

Find out more about the twenty-tens and how the “Friend” has moved forward with the times in our 150 year anniversary special collector’s edition (available to buy here).

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Georgia Wood

Georgia works as part of the magazine marketing team. She loves that her job is very varied, every day is different working across all of DCT Media's magazines. She likes trying new things, from cooking to crafting, she's currently learning to knit!