Knitting And Crochet Preview: August 24, 2019 issue

knitting and crochet preview

This week, we don’t just have the normal knitting and crochet preview for you.

Instead, we are delighted to say that it is Love Darg time again!

The Love Darg is an annual charitable appeal from “The People’s Friend”, when our readers give a little time to create something useful for a good cause.

Once again, our charity partners are Cats Protection. You can read more about their great work at

Photograph by Bernat Yarns.

In 2019, we are asking you to knit or crochet a little toy for a cat, following the instructions given. These toys will either be given to cats in Cats Protection’s care or sold to help raise much-needed funds.

Don’t worry, they are very quick and easy to make!

Next week we will be asking you to create comforters and blankets. These are vital to help the cats in centres feel safe and secure. Look out for that in our Aug 31 issue.

More information on the Love Darg will be available soon. You’ll be able to find it by clicking the tag below.

We hope this knitting and crochet preview has inspired you to take part in the Love Darg. Or maybe even to subscribe to “The People’s Friend”! Click here for more information.

Liz O’Rourke

Liz is part of our Features Team and her hobbies include knitting and crafts, reading and foreign travel which are also her main responsibilities on the “Friend”. If you walk into the office you will soon spot her desk, it’s the one piled high with knitwear and balls of yarn!