Writing Prompt Story Starter: Big Wheel

story starter

This week’s story starter asks: “Would you? Could you?

Well, I did!

Now, some of you will respond, “So what?” But for me it was a big deal.

I was at close quarters with one of these once before, at a heritage park near Calgary in Canada. Back in 1988 it was. Goodness, 30 years ago!

When I say at close quarters, I was in the queue — then out again. And in again and out . . .

Never did quite pluck up the courage to actually board the thing. I always regretted being such a wuss.

It’s funny, because Calgary had just held the Winter Olympics, and we went to the Olympic Park where you could sign your life away and whizz down the luge course.

Flat on your back, feet first. And I did that. A million thrilling miles a minute, that’s how it felt.

And yet I couldn’t set foot on this nice pretty wheel coasting gently round and round . . .

Another chance

Thirty years later, and on a trip to Düsseldorf, there was another one.

I nudged Mr Fiction Ed, and game lad that he is he said he’d come with me. My sis and bro-in-law were on the same trip with us, and said “No way”.

They retired to the glühwein stand, and we headed for the kiosk, and our ride.

I must admit on the first circuit, I thought, “Ooh, not sure I like this.” Especially as it crested the top.

But fortunately we made two more circuits and it became . . . absolutely fabulous.

When we finally came down to earth, I was buzzing.

It had been exciting, interesting — what a view! — and I was chuffed chuffed chuffed with myself for being a wee bit brave.

Not exactly parachuting out of a helicopter or bungee jumping off a bridge, but for me, it felt like it.

And that’s today’s story theme: being brave, even in little ways.

story starter

Round we go! Photograph by Shirley Blair.

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