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Last night was the inaugural meeting of the D.C. Thomson Film Club — the latest of our extra-curricular groups.

If you watched us on Facebook Live last week talking about our office on “Have Fun At Work Day”, you’ll have heard that there are quite a few clubs and groups going on in the company these days.

As I type this, a few people from the “Friend” are currently up doing lunchtime yoga, and a few of those are also attending a Pilates class on a Tuesday.

We have fitness classes before work and during lunchtime, and we’ve also got a Book Club (of course), a Quiz Night (have I mentioned that we’re two-time winners?) and — my personal favourite — Cheese Club.

It was Garry in Scots Mag that started this, with the help of a fabulous city centre cheese shop that sells some of the tastiest, gooiest and (occasionally) smelliest cheeses.

Well, from the Book Club was born the Film Club. Last night about half a dozen of us met at the local cinema to watch “The Personal History of David Copperfield”.

Bloomin’ marvellous

Have you seen it? It was bloomin’ marvellous.

A very creative adaptation, but absolutely packed with humour, great characters and some terrific acting. We loved the inimitable Tilda Swinton in her role as the aunt, and it was great to see Hugh Laurie back up on the big screen.

I’m really enjoying watching Gwendoline Christie’s career take off — though hers was an intimidating character.

They say in Book Club that it’s never a good idea to recommend something you really love to others, in case they react badly to it. But thankfully we all came out of Film Club raving about “David Copperfield”.

Stopping behind for a wee chat about our favourite bits, it wasn’t long before we were off and away talking about all sorts of stuff besides films.

Which is pretty much what I’ve heard happens in Book Club as well!

Oh, well – anything that gets people together can only be a good thing!

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