Craft Preview: February 15, 2020 Issue

craft preview

In today’s craft preview, we’re inviting you to show someone you care by making one of our special handmade cards.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we have a lovely selection.

These are quick and easy to do.

Some feature ready made letter tiles and embellishments, while others highlight handmade hearts worked from templates.

These cards would also be fun to do with younger members of your family, and can be adapted for other occasions.

craft preview

Photograph courtesy of Hobbycraft.

We have graded them as easy; as long as you follow the step-by-step instructions then nothing should go wrong.

All the materials required are to be found in your local Hobbycraft store.

For details of your local store, or to order online, visit

This really is the ideal way to tell someone that you think they are very special.

Craft preview brought out the creative spirit?

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Liz O’Rourke

Liz is part of our Features Team and her hobbies include knitting and crafts, reading and foreign travel which are also her main responsibilities on the “Friend”. If you walk into the office you will soon spot her desk, it’s the one piled high with knitwear and balls of yarn!