Willie’s View: Visiting Carlin Maggie


Paying a visit to Carlin Maggie made me think: the older we get, the steeper the braes seem to become.

If you don’t believe me, go and pay a visit to Maggie, high in the crags above Balgedie overlooking Loch Leven. I went to say hello to her this afternoon.

A carlin is a witch, and poor Maggie doesn’t get many visitors. She’s been standing there, a 40 feet tall column of basalt, for a long, long time.

According to local tradition, the devil himself decided her fate.

Apparently, Maggie was intent on taunting and insulting the devil as he passed this way carrying a heavy load of rocks. Enough was enough — he decided to teach Maggie a lesson she wouldn’t forget.

Throwing down his rocks, he began to chase her. When he caught up with her he unleashed a bolt of lightning and instantly turned her into a pillar of stone.

The rocks he threw down are still to be seen scattered across the hillside below.

On the final approach to Maggie the slopes become extremely steep, so you’ll need to take care here.

Slip and you’ll soon find out what an Easter egg feels like, as you tumble down into the corrie below!



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Alex Corlett

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