DIY Nightmares

What are your least favourite DIY jobs?

My wife and I spent last Sunday putting up wallpaper in one of our bedrooms, and although we were happy with the finished result, it wasn’t an easy ride!

So I had to laugh this morning when a press release came in about Britain’s least favourite DIY jobs. Number two on the list? Wallpapering!

It wasn’t really that bad, but unlike painting, when the key is in the preparation, wallpapering is hardest when you’re actually doing it. Matching edge to edge, and not getting it even a degree off vertically is nigh-on impossible


So what were the other jobs on the list? Plastering the ceiling was number one. I can’t even imagine attempting this, but I’m sure it’d give you a proper crick in your neck if you did.

Unblocking drains and tiling were up there, which is funny because my parents were shoulder deep in their drains last weekend.

Assembling flat-pack furniture was high on the list, too. Which is ironic, really, as I imagine the creation of traditional wooden furniture was probably really soothing for the skilled person that was making them. That modern furniture should actually be more stressful to create seems a bit telling!

I was quite surprised to see installing a fridge there above cleaning your gutters. Is it not just a case of plugging it in? Assuming you can get a hand moving it into the house!

But however the stressful the job, you (almost) always end up more satisfied at the result. Here’s the full list. Let us know of any DIY jobs you’re particularly proud of or that nearly brought you to tears!

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