Working From Home . . . With Pets!


I love working from home for many reasons — I can’t decide if being at home with my pets counts as one of them!

If you, like me, have cats in your family, I’m sure they will be lapping up all the extra attention. And you will enjoy the company and cuddles they give you in return.

I have two cats, named Dusty and Milo. I love them unconditionally.

Both are very inquisitive creatures who demand my attention constantly. I have set up my desk and computer in our kitchen, and I work with the door closed so that they don’t distract me by sitting on my keyboard or trying to chew any wires.

A simple solution, you might think. But think again!

The little imps can hear me in the kitchen, typing away on my keyboard or making phone calls to colleagues. And each has their own way to distract me.

Dusty, usually the more reserved of the two, has taken to standing on the other side of the door and miaowing at the top of her lungs relentlessly. She WILL NOT stop until I open the door and speak to her.

Milo, on the other hand, paws constantly at the door, so that all I can hear is a rhythmic scrape-scrape in my ear.

That’s before he begins ripping up the living-room carpet with his claws.

I distract them with food and treats, and although this works for a while, they inevitably repeat their behaviour at various times during the day.

Right now, all is quiet in the house, so I suspect they are both having a post-breakfast nap.

But I will not take this peace and quiet for granted. It won’t be long before something will wake them — the post coming through the letter-box, or my husband slamming the back door when he comes in from the summerhouse (his current office) — and they will be right back at the kitchen door, demanding some attention.

Dusty and Milo are both very beautiful, extremely cute and I love spending time with them.

But for the sake of my living-room door and carpet — and my sanity! — I hope this lockdown doesn’t last for very much longer!

It could be worse, however. I could have children!

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Jacki graduated from Dundee University in 2006 with a degree in English Literature. She has worked on “The People’s Friend” for 12 years, on first the Fiction Team and now the Production Team. She lives with her partner and her pet cats, Dusty and Milo. She is a supporter of her local football team and a volunteer befriender.