What’s Happening With “People’s Friend” Poetry?


We’re so happy to announce that our new Poetry Editor is new Fiction team member, Abbie Phillips!

With the announcement yesterday that we’re set for another three weeks of lockdown, now’s a good time to clarify exactly what’s happening with poetry in “The People’s Friend”.

How should I submit poetry?

As Abbie has joined the team at a time when we’re all working from home, we’d ask poets whose work has already been published in the “Friend” to now email it in to Abbie at aphillips@dctmedia.co.uk.

What if I’ve not had a poem published in the “Friend”?

We’re asking unpublished authors to continue to send their work in by post.

Please address any new poetry submissions to Abbie Phillips, Poetry Editor, The People’s Friend, DC Thomson & Co Ltd, 2 Albert Square, Dundee DD1 9QJ.

What issues are we working on?

We’re now looking at July and August issues for the weekly, and late summer/early autumn issues for the Special.

We’re always looking for poetry for our three little books — the “People’s Friend” Annual, “The Friendship Book“, and “The Fireside Book“.

What sort of poems are we looking for?

Poetry in the weekly is generally quite short (12-16 lines at most), and upbeat.

We have four poems in every Special, and these have a mixture of themes and tones.

Our Annual features around ten poems. Like “The Fireside Book”, these often reflect the rhythm of the year, and can be more flexible on length.  Inspirational and faith-based poems in “The Friendship Book” fit a set template.

Check the website

Keep an eye out for posts from Abbie, and up-to-date submission information, right here on the website.

For more from Lucy, read her blog here.

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Fiction Editor Lucy is always on the look-out for the very best short stories, poems and pocket novels. As well as sourcing enjoyable content, she enjoys working with our established contributors, encouraging new talent, and celebrating 150 years of 'Friend' fiction!