Mairi’s “Friend”-themed Lockdown Quiz


While we have been unable to see friends and family over the past few months, many people have turned to virtual means of communication.

Across the world, people have been tuning into various video call app’s to stay in touch. Video conferencing app “Zoom” reported in April that they had 300 million users logging onto their app per day.

Many people logging into these apps are doing so to take part in a pastime which has spread like wildfire as of late: virtual quizzes.

A weekly quiz has become a habit for myself and five friends during lockdown.

Last week, the task of writing the quiz fell to me. We have now covered all the usual topics ⁠— geography, history, music, film and TV ⁠— in great depth.

Each of my friends had tailored a round in their quiz to focus on their line of work: a languages round from a pal who works as a Portuguese teacher, a science-based round from an engineer friend, and so forth.

When I came to write my quiz, I picked up the latest copy of the “Friend” and began to jot down facts from various pages of the magazine.

I then turned these into questions, and voila! A “Friend”-themed quiz round.

Why not give it a go?

All these questions are based on content from our weekly May 23 issue.

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Mairi Hughes