Writing Prompt Story Starter: Bridge

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Today’s Story Starter image comes to you courtesy of Fiction team’s Tracey, who WhatsApped me this lovely image when she was out for her lockdown exercise.

A sunlit bridge, on a sunny afternoon. The image of peace, and calm. How might this image help you with some writing ideas this week?

As you know, we welcome short stories and serials set in the UK, and on other shores. Why not consider setting your story in a location with a local or famous bridge?

What are the stories of the people who meet on the bridges? Or those who built them? What about the people who work close to or pass them every day?

The Golden Gate, symbol of San Francisco. The Brooklyn Bridge, iconic part of the New York skyline.

Ponte Vecchio, in Florence, with its shops and the Vasari corridor ⁠— the only Florentine bridge spared destruction in WW2.

The Bridge of Sighs, in Venice ⁠— named for the sighs of the convicted as they were led to the cells. The Rialto, oldest of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal, rows of gondolas bobbing nearby.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge ⁠— affectionately nicknamed “The Coathanger” due to its design!

Prague’s Charles Bridge, begun in 1357. London’s Tower Bridge, scene of an incident in December 1952 ,when the bridge began to open to provide clearance for boat traffic, and the driver of the 78 bus made the split-second decision to accelerate across the divide!

Modern bridges

Modern bridges. Vietnam’s Golden Bridge, supported by “hands”, and the astonishing Dragon bridge.

The Three Bridges, here in Scotland ⁠— spanning three different centuries. The Forth Rail Bridge, built in 1890 in the wake of the Tay Bridge Disaster; the Forth Road Bridge, built in 1964, the longest outside the US when it opened; and the new Queensferry Crossing.

The beautiful bridges in Japanese gardens.

Figurative bridges, too. Building bridges.

Hope this bridge helps spark some ideas for you this week.

It’s making me think of A.A. Milne and Poohsticks ⁠— happy days!

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